Ben Shelton: The Rising Tennis Star

Ben Shelton: The Rising Tennis Star

Meet 20-year-old Ben Shelton, a promising tennis talent making waves in the professional circuit.

A Unique Talent

Despite his young age, Shelton possesses a remarkable serve, showcasing his potential as a future tennis star.

A Thrilling Victory

In a tense US Open match against Frances Tiafoe, Shelton demonstrated his ability to shine in crucial moments.

The Game-Changing Return

Amid a muggy night, Shelton’s booming return, accompanied by 14 aces and 11 double faults, saved a pivotal set point.

Unorthodox Brilliance

Shelton’s forehand return winner, described as “unbelievable” by Tiafoe, proved to be a game-changer in the tiebreaker.

Shutting Off the Brain

Shelton’s approach to that crucial moment? “Sometimes, you’ve got to shut off the brain, close your eyes and just swing.”

A Historic Matchup

This match marked a historic moment, being the first major quarterfinal between two African-American men in the Open era.

The Pursuit of Victory

While the matchup had historical significance, both players were determined to win and advance in the tournament.

A Quarterfinal of National Significance

This clash was also the first US Open quarterfinal between two American men since 2005, highlighting the nation’s longing for a men’s singles Slam champion.

FAQs about Ben Shelton’s Tennis Career

Q1: How old is Ben Shelton?
A1: Ben Shelton is only 20 years old, making him a rising star in professional tennis.

Q2: What is notable about Shelton’s game?
A2: Shelton possesses an impressive serve and demonstrated his ability to deliver under pressure.

Q3: What was the pivotal moment in his match against Frances Tiafoe?
A3: Shelton’s booming return winner in the tiebreaker was the turning point of the match.

Q4: What was historic about the matchup between Shelton and Tiafoe?
A4: It was the first major quarterfinal between two African-American men in the Open era.

Q5: Why was the match significant for American tennis?
A5: It was the first US Open quarterfinal between two American men in nearly two decades, highlighting the nation’s tennis aspirations.


Ben Shelton’s rise in professional tennis was highlighted by a thrilling US Open victory, showcasing his potential to become a future tennis sensation.

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