Bernie Marsden The Beast: A Guitar Legend's Farewell

Bernie Marsden The Beast: A Guitar Legend’s Farewell


The music world mourns the loss of Bernie Marsden, the iconic former Whitesnake ,Bernie Marsden The Beast, the guitarist and revered songwriter.

A Legendary Departure

Bernie Marsden, renowned for his masterful guitar skills and co-writing the hit “Here I Go Again,” has passed away at 72.

A Family’s Announcement

Bernie’s family conveyed the sad news through a statement from his record label, Conquest Music.

Enduring Passion

Until the end, Bernie Marsden’s devotion to music remained unwavering, with a continued enthusiasm for creating and recording.

Whitesnake’s Sonic Force

During his impactful four-year journey with Whitesnake from 1978 to 1982, Marsden contributed significantly to their musical legacy.

Influence and Legacy

Considered one of the most significant British blues and rock guitarists, Marsden’s influence has left an indelible mark on his generation.

A Remarkable Portfolio

Marsden’s prowess extended to the creation of the band’s debut EP, five studio albums, and a memorable live record.


Q: What was Bernie Marsden The Beast known for?
A: Bernie Marsden was a founding Whitesnake guitarist and co-writer of the hit “Here I Go Again.”

Q: How did Bernie Marsden pass away?
A: Bernie Marsden passed away peacefully with his family by his side, leaving behind a lasting musical legacy.

Q: What role did Bernie Marsden play in Whitesnake?
A: Bernie Marsden contributed significantly to Whitesnake’s success during his four-year tenure, shaping their music and sound.


The music world has lost a true guitar virtuoso and a creative force with the passing of Bernie Marsden. His contributions to the music industry, especially with Whitesnake, have left an everlasting impact.Randy Meisner Death – Co-Founder Of Rock Band Eagles, And ‘Take It To The Limit’ Singer Dies At 77

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