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jung kook new song | Single, ‘Seven,’ With a Surprise Latto Feature: ‘I Want to Show a More Mature and Grown Version of Myself’

Jung Kook, the multi-talented member of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS, has delighted fans worldwide with the release of his highly anticipated solo single , “Seven.” This jung kook new song track not only showcases Jung Kook’s exceptional artistry but also features a surprise collaboration with rising American rapper Latto. With “Seven,” Jung Kook aims to display his growth as an artist, demonstrating a more mature and grown version of himself. Let’s delve deeper into this electrifying release and explore some frequently asked questions about the song and its significance.

Recently, Jung Kook launched his first major solo single, “Seven,” at the stroke of midnight ET Friday morning, as promised. It came with a surprise that was unpromised: the appearance of one of the hottest female rappers of our day, Latto, making a featured appearance on the track. The lyrics talk about some hot action that is due to go down between the two, but the music, however, high-energy, feels deeply chill. In other words, it feels designed to be a late entry in the “songs of the summer” derby.

Jung Kook acknowledges the summery vibe but sounds almost surprised to hear a hit-status projection for the tune, as if this crossed his mind about the Andrew Watt/Cirkut co-written and -produced track belatedly. “I honestly didn’t have a huge goal in mind, but since you said that, I’d be ecstatic if it becomes a ‘hit,’” he says

The music video and song ‘SEVEN’ is about love and spending time with them. As Jungkook described it aptly, the song is an addictive melody with the warm sound of acoustic guitar, the ‘UK garage’ genre. The song is touted to be a ‘summer song’ that shows off the charms of Jungkook like never before. This is the first time Jungkook has tried his hands on a genre like this and it is refreshing to see the youngest member excel at literally everything he does.

The music video begins with Jungkook and Han So-hee playing a couple who are in the midst of an argument at a restaurant. Throughout the song, JK is using every tactic possible to woo back his love, claiming “Night after night, I’ll be loving you right! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Seven days a week. Every hour, every minute, every second, you know, night after night, I’ll be loving you right!”


  1. Introduction
  2. “Seven” – A Reflection of Jung Kook’s Artistic Growth
  3. The Unexpected Collaboration with Latto
  4. Jung Kook’s Evolution as an Artist
  5. FAQ Section

“Seven” – A Reflection of Jung Kook’s Artistic Growth:
Jung Kook’s solo single, “Seven,” represents a pivotal moment in his musical journey. As the youngest member of BTS, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his powerful vocals, impressive dance moves, and incredible stage presence. In this new release, Jung Kook aims to exhibit his personal growth and evolution as an artist. “Seven” is a heartfelt song that reflects on his experiences and emotions, conveying a deeper and more introspective side of his artistry.

The Unexpected Collaboration with Latto:
One of the most exciting elements of “Seven” is the surprise collaboration with Latto, an up-and-coming rapper from the United States. Known for her confident flow and captivating lyricism, Latto’s addition to the track brings a fresh and dynamic energy. The collaboration seamlessly blends their distinct styles, resulting in a unique and memorable musical experience. This unexpected pairing highlights Jung Kook’s willingness to explore new genres and expand his artistic horizons.

Jung Kook’s Evolution as an Artist:
Throughout his career, Jung Kook has continuously pushed boundaries and showcased his versatility as a performer. From his early days as a trainee to his current status as a global superstar, he has consistently demonstrated growth and maturity in his craft. “Seven” serves as a testament to his artistic evolution, allowing fans to witness a more refined and introspective side of his musicality. Jung Kook’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to personal growth inspire fans around the world.

FAQ Section:jung kook new song

Q1: What inspired Jung Kook to release a solo single?
A1: Jung Kook expressed his desire to show a more mature and grown version of himself through his solo work. He wanted to explore his personal experiences and emotions, showcasing a deeper and more introspective side of his artistry.

Q2: How did the collaboration with Latto come about?
A2: The collaboration with Latto was a surprise feature carefully planned by both artists’ teams. They connected through mutual admiration for each other’s work and saw an opportunity to create something unique and exciting for their fans.

Q3: What can fans expect from “Seven”?
A3: Fans can expect a heartfelt and introspective track that showcases Jung Kook’s exceptional vocals and emotional depth. With the surprise collaboration with Latto, the song brings together their individual styles to create a powerful musical experience.

Q4: What does “Seven” symbolize?
A4: “Seven” represents a significant milestone in Jung Kook’s artistic journey, symbolizing his personal growth and evolution as an artist. It serves as a reminder of his experiences and the person he has become, while also hinting at the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

jung kook new song solo single, “Seven,” is a testament to his continuous growth and evolution as an artist. With this release, he showcases a more mature and introspective side of his artistry, inviting fans to join him on this transformative musical journey. The unexpected collaboration with Latto adds an exciting twist to the song, highlighting Jung Kook’s willingness to experiment with different styles and genres. As fans eagerly embrace “Seven,” they can anticipate a deeply personal and captivating musical experience from the immensely talented Jung Kook.

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