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Moozlie and DJ Zinhle Rub Shoulders with US Star Usher


South African musicians, Moozlie and DJ Zinhle, recently had the chance of a lifetime to meet and mingle with the iconic US R&B sensation, Usher Raymond. The two talented artists embarked on a trip to Las Vegas, where they joined hands with French cognac powerhouse Rèmy Martin for the launch of its new global campaign, “Life is a Melody”. Usher, known for his incredible musical journey spanning eight studio albums, graced the event with his presence.


An Unforgettable Encounter

Moozlie and DJ Zinhle found themselves in the heart of the Las Vegas entertainment scene, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the city of lights. As they mingled with fellow creatives and enthusiasts at the launch event, their excitement was palpable. The highlight of the evening was their interaction with Usher, a pivotal figure in the international music landscape.

Sharing the Moment

Taking to social media platforms, Moozlie gave her fans a glimpse into the star-studded encounter. She shared a photo from the event, capturing the electrifying moment when she and DJ Zinhle stood shoulder to shoulder with Usher. The caption she chose was simple yet profound, “That one time we met Usher in Vegas. #LifeIsAMelody especially when you #TeamUpForExcellence with Remy Martin SA. What is your life’s Melody? Mine is definitely moving with the grace of God.”

Usher’s Remarkable Journey

Usher Raymond, a multi-talented artist, has been a driving force in the music industry for decades. With eight studio albums under his belt, he has continuously evolved his musical style while maintaining a unique and soulful voice. His presence at the Rèmy Martin event added an extra layer of star power, resonating with the theme of life as a melody.

Exploring the “Life is a Melody” Campaign

Rèmy Martin’s new global campaign, “Life is a Melody”, goes beyond just celebrating music. It’s a celebration of life’s diverse experiences, ups and downs, joys and challenges. The campaign encourages individuals to find their own melody in life, embrace it, and share it with the world. The collaboration with Usher, a master of creating memorable melodies, adds depth and authenticity to this initiative.

FAQs about the Event and Encounter

Q: How did Moozlie and DJ Zinhle get the opportunity to meet Usher?
A: They were invited to the launch event of Rèmy Martin’s campaign in Las Vegas, where Usher was the guest of honor.

Q: What is the significance of Rèmy Martin’s “Life is a Melody” campaign?
A: The campaign celebrates life’s experiences and encourages people to embrace their unique journeys, just like a melody in music.

Q: How did Moozlie react to meeting Usher?
A: Moozlie expressed her excitement on social media, sharing a photo and caption that captured the special moment.

Q: What role did Usher play at the event?
A: Usher attended the event as a guest and added his star power to the launch of Rèmy Martin’s campaign.


The meeting of Moozlie and DJ Zinhle with Usher at the Rèmy Martin event in Las Vegas is a testament to the power of music and the connections it can forge across borders. As these artists continue to inspire with their own melodies, their encounter with Usher serves as a reminder that the world of music is a harmonious tapestry where talents unite and create lasting memories.

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