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Exploring the World of the Pat Robertson 700 Club

A Platform for Spiritual Growth and Inspiration


In the realm of religious television programming, few shows have achieved the longevity and influence of the Pat Robertson 700 Club. Since its inception in 1966, the show has become a staple of Christian broadcasting, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. Led by its charismatic host, Pat Robertson, the 700 Club has evolved into a multifaceted platform that combines faith, news, and humanitarian efforts. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of the Pat Robertson 700 Club, exploring its history, impact, and controversial aspects.

“Pat Robertson, longtime TV host, religious broadcaster, educator, humanitarian, and one-time presidential candidate died at his home in Virginia Beach early Thursday morning. He was 93,”

The most successful CBN business, The Family Channel, was sold to a Robertson-led company, International Family Entertainment. Robertson also bought into a vitamin and cosmetics company that was birthed by CBN. Both transactions have gotten considerable scrutiny.

Pat Robertson, original name Marion Gordon Robertson, (born March 22, 1930, Lexington, Virginia, U.S.), American evangelist who was noted for his

Why we talking about pat robertson 700 club :
He founded (1960) what became the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which aired his talk show, Pat Robertson 700 Club.

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Origins and Evolution

The Pat Robertson 700 Club conceived by Pat Robertson, a prominent televangelist and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Initially, the show aired for only one hour a week, but its popularity quickly grew. Inspired by the success of the telethon format, the 700 Club expanded to a daily program, focusing on a combination of religious teachings, testimonies, and interviews.

Over the years, thePat Robertson 700 Club has undergone several transformations to keep up with the changing times. Today, the show covers a wide range of topics, including news, politics, health, and entertainment, all from a Christian perspective. It features interviews with prominent figures, uplifting stories of faith, and discussions on current events.

This evolution has allowed the 700 Club to appeal to a broader audience while maintaining its core Christian message.

Charitable Endeavors

One significant aspect of the Pat Robertson 700 Club is its commitment to charitable endeavors.

The show encourages viewers to donate to various causes, supporting initiatives such as disaster relief, medical missions, and clean water projects. The funds raised through the show have contributed to significant humanitarian efforts around the world, providing aid to those in need.

However, the charitable work of the 700 Club has not been without controversy. Critics have raised concerns about the allocation of funds and the transparency of the organization. Some have questioned the proportion of donations that go towards administrative costs versus the actual beneficiaries.

While the 700 Club has made efforts to address these concerns, ensuring accountability and transparency remains an ongoing challenge.

Influence and Impact

The Pat Robertson 700 Club has undoubtedly made a substantial impact on religious broadcasting and American Christianity as a whole. The show’s longevity and consistent viewership testify to its enduring appeal. For many viewers, the 700 Club serves as a source of inspiration, comfort, and guidance in their faith journey.

Moreover, the show has played a role in shaping the political landscape of the United States. Pat Robertson’s influence as a televangelist and his involvement in conservative politics cannot be understated. Throughout the years, the 700 Club has been a platform for political commentary and advocacy, influencing the views and voting patterns of its viewers.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like any long-standing institution, the Pat Robertson 700 Club has not been immune to controversies and criticisms. Pat Robertson himself has been involved in several contentious incidents, including controversial statements on social and political issues. His comments have sparked backlash from various groups, leading to debates on topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, Islam, and women’s reproductive health.

Additionally, the Pat Robertson on 700 Club & club’s conservative stance on certain issues has drawn criticism from those who feel marginalized or excluded by its messaging. Some argue that the show’s emphasis on traditional values can perpetuate discrimination and hinder progress on social issues.


Who replaced Pat Robertson on 700 Club?
In December 2007, Robertson’s son, Gordon, succeeded him as chief executive of CBN.

How much does The 700 Club make?

How much does a 700 Club make? As of May 31, 2023, the average annual pay for a 700 Club in the United States is $34,214 a year.

How does Pat Robertson make money?

His source of income is said to be from his career as a televangelist, writer, and entrepreneur. Most notable among his streams of income is his position as the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), and his position as the CEO of Regent University.

What religion is Pat Robertson?

The son of U.S. Senator A. Willis Robertson, Robertson was a Southern Baptist and was active as an ordained minister with that denomination for many years, but held to a charismatic theology not traditionally common among Southern Baptists.


The Pat Robertson 700 Club continues to be a prominent fixture in the world of religious television programming. Its longevity, charitable work, and influence make it an intriguing subject of exploration. From its humble beginnings as a one-hour weekly program to its current daily format, the show has evolved to cater to a diverse audience.

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