Terry Funk Now | Wrestling Legend's Iconic Journey Ends

Terry Funk Now | Wrestling Legend’s Iconic Journey Ends

Professional wrestling mourns the loss of Terry Funk, an illustrious figure whose career spanned six decades.

A Legendary Journey
Terry Funk’s remarkable wrestling journey, which encompassed various promotions, championships, and accolades, has come to an end.

Acknowledgement from Wrestling Legends
Ric Flair and Mick Foley confirmed Funk’s passing, and WWE later verified the news, marking a solemn day.

Terry Funk’s Early Days
Partnering with his brother, Dory Funk Jr., Terry began his career in their father’s Amarillo promotion in the 1960s.

A Solo Triumph: NWA World Heavyweight Championship
In 1975, Funk’s pinnacle arrived as he clinched the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Jack Brisco.

A Year of Glory
Funk held the prestigious title for over a year, solidifying his place in wrestling history and lore.

Brotherly Distinction: A Unique Achievement
With Dory Jr.’s earlier title reign, the Funk brothers etched their names as the sole siblings to both hold the championship.


Q1: What did Terry Funk achieve in his wrestling career?
A1: Funk achieved championship victories, widespread recognition, and legendary status across multiple wrestling promotions.

Q2: How did fellow wrestlers react to Funk’s passing?
A2: Wrestling icons Ric Flair and Mick Foley paid their respects to Funk, confirming the sad news.

Q3: What was Funk’s most significant solo accomplishment?
A3: Funk’s capturing of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1975 marked a highlight in his career.

Q4: What unique distinction did Terry and Dory Funk Jr. achieve?
A4: The Funk brothers became the only siblings to both hold the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Terry Funk’s passing marks the end of an era in professional wrestling. With a career spanning decades and a trail of championships and achievements, Funk’s legacy will forever remain a testament to his dedication and impact on the sport.

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