Tesla Model Y 2023 Colors & Upgrades Revealed!

Tesla Model Y 2023 Colors & Upgrades Revealed!

Tesla recently unveiled an upgraded Model Y in China. The announcement sparked interest in the Tesla community.Reveal Tesla Model Y 2023 Colors in this blog.

Hardware 3.0 Remains

While many speculated if the new Tesla Model Y 2023 Colors featured Hardware 4.0, Tesla China confirmed it still uses Hardware 3.0.

What to Expect from the Upgraded Model Y

Tesla China listed the changes in the upgraded Tesla Model Y 2023 Colors. It includes a new textile dashboard and RGB ambient lighting with 256 colors on the dash.

Black Gemini Wheels

The new Model Y offers 19-inch black Gemini wheels, replacing the previous silver ones. This change extends the Model Y RWD’s range by about 5 miles.

Options for Wheels

Tesla also provides the 20-inch induction turbine wheels for the Model Y for an additional cost of RMB 8,000.

Improved Range and Wind Resistance

The changes at Gigafactory Shanghai led to improvements in the Model Y’s range and wind resistance coefficient. The Model Y LR’s range increased by about 17 miles, now offering 428 miles per charge.


The Model Y RWD starts at RMB 263,900. The Model Y Long Range and Performance variants cost RMB 299,900 and RMB 349,900, respectively.

Referral Program Updates

Tesla China announced that its referral bonus program will end on October 31. New customers can benefit from up to RMB 3,500 off their final payment and enjoy a 90-day Enhanced Autopilot trial through the referral program.

**Exciting 2023 Model Y Upgrades**Tesla Model Y 2023 offers fresh enhancements, including a stunning array of colors. **Dazzling Color Choices**The Model Y for 2023 presents an impressive selection of colors to match your style.**Paint Palette**With choices like Midnight Silver, Deep Blue, and Bold Red, Tesla’s 2023 Model Y is a visual delight.

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