Taylor Swift Writing "Dear John" Was a "Lousy Thing to Do".

12-time Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Taylor Swift

And seven-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Mayer

ayer and Swift first connected on social media after the “Your Body Is a Wonderland”

Singer tweeted that he wanted

To collaborate with the 19-year-old country-pop star.

At the time, he tweeted that he had an idea for a song "called ‘Half of My Heart,’

Adding, "I want to sing it with Taylor Swift.

Because I've been such a big fan of John for such a long time.

She would make a killer [Stevie] 'Nicks' in contrast to my [Tom] 'Petty' of a song.

Swift was giddy over Mayer’s Twitter mention and told Elle: “I freaked out when I heard,

I'm really excited about just the idea that he would even mention me in his Twitter!