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Why Are Starbucks Workers on Strike?


As one of the most popular coffee chains, Starbucks has a reputation for meeting the needs of coffee lovers worldwide. The company prides itself on being socially responsible, with a corporate mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit. However, in recent times, Starbucks workers have taken to the streets to strike over various concerns. In this article, we will discuss the reasons,why Are Starbucks Workers on Strike.

recently, About 150 unionised Starbucks stores in the United States will be going on strike on Friday as workers express their dissatisfaction with the coffee chain’s policy regarding Pride decorations in stores. The union representing organised stores, Starbucks Workers United, alleges that Starbucks has restricted Pride Month decorations in certain locations, citing a “hypocritical treatment of LGBTQIA+ workers”. Starbucks has vehemently denied these claims, as per media reports.

Unfair Working Conditions

Working in Starbucks’ fast-paced environment can be hectic, and workers are expected to be efficient and multitask-oriented to create smooth operations. However, some workers claim that their working conditions don’t reflect their efforts, for example, by understaffing and poor working conditions. These conditions cause exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout, leading to low-quality performance and poor customer service.

Low Wages

Starbucks has a reputation for providing its employees with competitive pay and benefits. But this is not the case for all workers, as many Starbucks employees claim to earn less than a living wage. Many of them work multiple jobs, with some sleeping in their cars or on their friends’ couches because they can’t afford to pay rent. This disparity in wage distribution has left many aggrieved employees feeling undervalued and underpaid is the basic answer of why Are Starbucks Workers on Strike.

Inadequate Sick Leave Policies

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Starbucks workers found themselves at the epicenter of the virus, often exposing themselves to possible infections. Unfortunately, many of these workers had inadequate sick leave policies that did not allow them to recover when sick or when someone close to them was sick. This policy not only affected the health and well-being of workers but also put customers at grave risk.

Inadequate Job Security

With the COVID-19 pandemic that saw businesses closed down or downsized, many workers were laid off without job security measures in place. This lack of job security left Starbucks workers anxious about their future and uncertain about what would happen next.


Starbucks, as a socially responsible entity, should take the concerns of its employees seriously. Their human resource practices must reflect their corporate culture, which must include competitive wage rates, adequate sick leave policies, a safe work environment, and adequate job security. By doing so, Starbucks could create a better working experience for its employees and enhance its corporate social responsibility portfolio.


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• Are Starbucks workers unionized? No, Starbucks workers are not unionized, but they do have the right to form them. Recently, there has been a movement to unionize Starbucks employees to negotiate favorable working conditions.

• Is Starbucks the only fast-food chain with workers’ rights concerns? No, many fast-food chains have faced workers’ right concerns, including strikes by employees. Some famous examples of these employees’ strikes include those by McDonald’s and Amazon workers.

• Is Starbucks doing anything about workers’ concerns? Yes, Starbucks has taken some steps to address concerns raised by workers, including providing bonuses and increased wages. But for many employees campaigning for workers’ rights, these measures are not enough.

• Is Starbucks committed to corporate social responsibility? Yes, Starbucks has made corporate social responsibility a core part of its business operations, including sustainable sourcing and community involvement.

• Can Starbucks customers support workers’ rights? Yes, customers can support workers’ rights by demanding a fair wage, including better tips. They can also support efforts to unionize by signing petitions and participating in rallies.

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